Mutual Assistance Grants

The central purpose of association Mutual Assistance Grants is to assist our members during their time of financial need. In general, assistance is provided through counseling, financial grants, referrals, and other related means. Assistance is provided under a large variety of conditions and situations usually involving everyday essentials including emergency, housing, and medical needs that are beyond the individual’s ability to meet at the time assistance is requested. Mutual Assistance should be used to supplement, not replace other forms of available assistance. Mutual Assistance Grants are limited in nature, with grants up to $250.00 per request.

Association Mutual Assistance Grants strive to meet the valid, verified, and genuine needs of our members and their immediate family. To this end, the association will provide assistance to individuals for the following situations:

(a) For situations requiring immediate attention.
(b) For essentials.
(c) For the ability to solve temporary problems.
(d) For emergency travel.
(e) For debt management.
(f) For pay issues.
(g) For emergency home repairs.
(h) For disaster response.
(i) For general assistance.
(j) For housing assistance.
(k) For new-born assistance.
(l) For vehicle repairs.
(m) For medical and dental assistance.
(n) For special needs assistance.
(o) Considering each case on its own merits, on a personalized and timely basis and with confidentiality.

However, assistance will not be provided for the following:

(a) Non-essential needs.
(b) Comfort, convenience or desire.
(c) Maintaining a standard of living beyond the means of the member.
(d) Long-term or continuing support items.

Due to the nature of assistance needs, it is not feasible to anticipate all possible situations that can or might occur. There will be times an exception to normal policy may be justified. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and in order of receipt.

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Administration and Application

Any eligible member of the association may request assistance from the association by contacting the association and providing information so a decision may be made. Members requesting assistance will be expected to bring proper identification, leave and earning statements, other income and expense information, and full supporting documentation justifying their need for assistance. In some cases, members may also be expected to complete a detailed budget when requesting assistance. The association has a strong fiduciary responsibility to all members of the association and those that contribute to the association as well as to regulatory agencies. As such, the association must consider each case accurately and thoroughly by reviewing, verifying, and finding justification for all requests for assistance prior to releasing funds. To accomplish this, all officers and Board of Directors must vote in the majority to authorize payment of funds for a grant of assistance.


With only a few exceptions, almost everyone associated with the association is eligible to request assistance for a Mutual Assistance Grant on behalf of themselves or of their immediate family members. When the member is not in a position to make a request for assistance, family members may make a request on their behalf.


Requests must contain thorough supporting documentation to demonstrate the member's need and support the amount of assistance requested, up to the association limit of $250.00. These requirements are intended to aid the association in identifying and assisting eligible applicants who have a genuine need. They are not intended to place an undue burden on applicants or discourage applicants from requesting assistance. Applicants will be encouraged to attach separate letters, statements or other documents to their request when necessary to help support their request and explain extenuating circumstances that would not be evident in the request and other documentation. Representatives may require the applicant to provide additional documentation they feel is necessary for aiding them in evaluating the request for assistance. The association may disapprove a request for assistance when they feel the applicant has not provided adequate documentation to justify the request. In emergency situations (death in the immediate family, emergency travel, etc), the association may postpone the requirement for providing full documentation and completing a budget until a later appropriate time.


Individuals contacting the association for assistance have the right to expect that their personal information will remain private. All personnel serving as agents of the association will not discuss personal information with others, nor will they divulge such matters to anyone, except on a need-to-know basis. However, this policy will not prevent the association from verifying information and confirming facts before providing financial assistance. Nor will this right to privacy apply to information about a crime, serious misconduct, or anything that could affect good order, discipline, or security. In accordance with state and federal law, information concerning suspected incidents of any form of family violence or abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, neglect, etc.) to a child, spouse, live-in partner, parent or sibling will be reported immediately to the appropriate authorities. Case history information may be provided to the applicant only, not to the spouse or other family members. Approval from the association must be obtained prior to the release of client information to any other organization. The association will cooperate with federal, state and local government agencies. The association will not release private information without the member’s permission except in response to a court order, subpoena, or formal official investigation by proper civilian or military authorities.