Honor Guard Mission

The United States Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard provides Presidential support duty to the Military District of Washington and the Commandant, by representing the United States Coast Guard through ceremonial operations held before world leaders and dignitaries, and lays to rest, with proper military honors, dignity and respect, the remains of our fallen shipmates. Ceremonies can include parades, funerals, White House dignitary arrivals, as well as presenting colors at local and official functions. Honor Guard members participate in joint service activities as well as Coast Guard functions. The Honor Guard performs in excess of 1,600 ceremonies annually. The Honor Guard is comprised of 73 members, with a Lieutenant (O-3) serving as the Honor Guard Company Commander, two Junior Officers (usually O-2) serving as Operations/Weapons Officer and Supply/Training Officer, a Chief Petty Officer (E-7) as the Honor Guard Chief, and four Petty Officers (ranging from E-4 to E-6). The remaining members of the Honor Guard are “first-tour” non-rated personnel (E-3) coming directly from Training Center Cape May. The officers and non-rates serve a two-year tour of duty in the Honor Guard, while the Chief Petty Officer and Petty Officers serve four-year tours.

Please visit the unit's website at www.uscg.mil/honorguard/.

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